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The Board of Directors of People’s Food Co-op is excited to invite you to participate in a community discussion about the future of food and your Co-op.

2012 Read & Seed is a program in which, as a community, we READ two books (and watch a movie!) in the hopes that this new information will SEED conversations about the future of our community’s relationship to food and People’s Food Co-op’s role in that. Read and Seed is a partnership with the Kalamazoo Literacy Council.  


NOTE: This Read-and-Seed program is past, and no longer active. For information on our latest events, please see our Events Page.



• Read the books and watch the movie.
• Talk to people about what you learned and your ideas about the future of food in Kalamazoo.
• Come to one or many events and share your thoughts.



Folks, This Ain’t Normal by Joel Salatin
Copies available at Bookbug, Kazoo Books, KPL, and Michigan News Agency.

From farmer Joel Salatin's point of view, life in the 21st century just ain't normal. In the book, he discusses how far removed we are from the simple, sustainable joy that comes from living close to the land and the people we love. Salatin has many thoughts on what normal is and shares practical and philosophical ideas for changing our lives in small ways that have big impact.

Joel's assertions are challenging and provocative.  With the Read and Seed project, we're looking at food and food systems from every angle, and we are working to get multiple voices into the conversation.  Whether you agree or disagree with Joel's ideas, we want to talk about it! 


Seedfolks by Paul Fleishman

Seedfolks is a book about the transformation of an empty Cleveland city lot to a thriving web of people, plants and cultures. It's a collection of lovely vignettes about the residents of an apartment building that become gardeners and linked to one another by the land they work and the beauty they create together. 

Short and easy to read, Seedfolks is perfect for reading with children!




Urban Roots

Free public showing at WMU Little Theatre on August 25 co-sponsored by Kalamazoo Film Society.

The movie can also be borrowed from KPL or viewed on Netflix.

Urban Roots follows the urban farming phenomenon in Detroit. Urban Roots is a timely, moving and inspiring film that speaks to a nation grappling with collapsed industrial towns and the need to forge a sustainable and prosperous future.