About Ownership

To learn more about ownership, please make sure to download an Owner Handbook


You are also welcome to join us for one of our monthly Owner Orientations. Visit our events page to learn more.

Your ownership agreement was successfully submitted. All that's left is to make your ownership payment.

Make a Payment

An initial investment of $10 can get you started, and you will immediately receive owner benefits. The total cost of one share is $250, which can be paid all at once, or through a payment plan of $10 per month or $50 per year. As long as you are current on your payments you will receive your owner benefits. Every penny you invest in your share remains yours, and that money is used to help build and strengthen our store. Come into the store or call to learn more, ask questions, or to get signed up. We’re excited to have you.

Please note that, at this time, we are unable to process the $10.00 share
payments online. If you're interested in the $10 payment plan, please stop by the store.

To make your payment, just click on the payment that best suits you:

$10 Per Month Payment Button - Unavailable