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A Statement of Rights of and Restrictions on Membership in the

People's Food Co-operative of Kalamazoo

Per Michigan law, and prior to becoming a member, People’s is required to advise each prospective member of the following rights and restrictions on membership and member capital. Please review this and sign at the bottom to signify your understanding.

  1. People’s Food Co-operative of Kalamazoo is subject to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act, as amended (P.A. 162 of 1982; M.C.L.A. 450.2101 et seq.). People’s Food Co-op is organized under the Consumer Cooperative Act, which is Chapter 11 of the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act, as amended.

  2. The purpose of membership in the People’s Food Co-operative of Kalamazoo is to assure access to the goods, services, and facilities of the cooperative, not to gain profit.

  3. Members are entitled to receive notice of and to attend special meetings and vote on issues put before the membership as stated in Article IV (Sections 4.1-4.8) of the Bylaws*.

  4. Membership in People’s is open to all regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability. A requirement of membership at People’s is payment of member capital in an amount determined by the Board of Directors. For more information, please reference Sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the Bylaws*.

  5. Membership in People’s may be terminated by death, resignation, failure to pay member capital, or decision of the Board of Directors. Upon termination of membership, member capital will be redeemed within 5 years. For more information, reference Section 3.5 of the Bylaws *.

  6. A member’s membership and the member capital paid by a member is not transferable. (Bylaws Section 3.6*)

  7. Members have the right to call special meetings and cause referenda on issues of concern to them. These rights are covered in Sections 4.4, 4.7 and 4.8 of the Bylaws*. Members also have the right to receive annual reports and to secure other material information concerning the cooperative (Bylaws Sections 10.8-10.10*).

∗  Bylaws are contained in the Owner Handbook.

The undersigned acknowledges the receipt of the People’s Food Co-op Owner Handbook (containing  
the Bylaws).  We strongly urge you to review these documents before becoming a member of People’s.

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