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Run! For the Board and to Get Some Asparagus!

Hello PFC Peeps!

It's a special time of year. Things are poppin' out of the ground, and ideas for the future of your co-op are poppin' too!

The Kalamazoo area grocery scene has experience MAJOR change over the past several years, and PFC has felt it. It's more important than ever to support your food co-op by shopping to ensure our long term viability as a business so in the future we can continue to do the good in the community we have set out to do.

Have you considered being part of bigger picture conversations about that future? If you have, WE WANT YOU to run for the Board of Directors of PFC. Put your hat in the ring to join a high-functioning, smart, fun group and group process that provides direction and oversight to PFC. Learn more on our website.

Perhaps you should consider this idea over a lovely, spring meal of Jack & Jill or Organic Birdsong Farm asparagus, grilled Young Earth Farm brats, roasted Cinzori russet potatoes, and a salad mix made from Windrock Farms 5-Star mix AND the amazing spinach from Green Gardens in Battle Creek.

Wow, we're fortunate to have amazing farming talent. Let's keep building a strong grower-community connection. Together.

See you soon!



June Change for Change: Merze Tate Explorers

June's Change for Change supported Merze Tate Explorers. When you rounded up your purchase during June, your change went toward providing 4th-12th grade girls opportunities to learn and build skills through media, interactive career exploration, college preparation, and travel.

By rounding your bill to the nearest dollar, you raised $1,576 for Merze Tate Explorers.

The Merze Tate Explorers provides youth with educational, cultural, and arts exploration through multimedia. Students produce cable television, radio, print and online media in this hands-on S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Media) centered initiative. In addition, their travels will take them to places where they interact with professionals and experiences that they capture through writing, videography, and photography for the annual Girls Can! Magazine and online. Students also pay-it-forward through community service projects and fundraising activities, including programs that help to provide food to our community.

For more information on Merze Tate Explorers, please visit their website.


Getting Ready to Grill This Weekend

Alrighty! This coming holiday weekend is historically a great one for grilling. To get you ready, here are some ideas:

  • Grilled Local Otto's Chicken Wings - My go-to crowd-pleaser marinade for chicken when grilling is equal parts olive oil and apple cider vinegar with crushed garlic, salt and pepper. But, I'm thinking about upping my game this weekend, and trying out one of these 12 best recipes from The Spruce Eats. My likely favorite among the dozen: Very Best Buffalo, though I have to admit it's mainly as an excuse to use some of our Salemville bleu cheese for dipping....
  • Grilled Loaded Cauliflower - I LOVED the loaded fries at The Alamo Drafthouse (he groans longingly), and miss them every day. Well, I just came across this amazing looking Loaded recipe using grilled cauliflower, and topped with scallions, cheese, (bacon if you're on that wagon), sriracha a la Alamo, or why not try with PFC's housemade vegan ranch?
  • Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Asparagus - Yep. Enough said. 
  • Simple Grilled Michigan Mushrooms - on a Taste of Home top 10 grilled vegetable recipes list, I found this one for Contest-Winning Grilled Mushrooms. Simple: salt, butter, dill. Grill.
  • Finally, I always love grilled fruit! How about some grilled green Bartlett pears? Or grilled cinnamon apples with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Or, for fans of Bananas Foster, how about grilled bananas served with a splash of rum (away from the fire!!) and some ice cream as well.
I don't know about you, but I am getting excited about eating this weekend. Check out the store and Kalamazoo Farmers Market for the VERY BEST local, delicious, fresh, and friendly food experiences in Kalamazoo.

See you soon!



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