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August Change for Change: First Day Shoe Fund

August's Change for Change supported First Day Shoe Fund. When you rounded up your purchase during August, your change helped provide a pair of new athletic shoes to elementary students in Kalamazoo County who receive free or reduced lunch.  This program allows students to start school on equal footing.
By rounding your bill to the nearest dollar, you raised $1,200 for First Day Shoe Fund.


As of 2018, First Day Shoe Fund has distributed over 33,000 pairs of shoes and this number is set to steadily increase as First Day Shoe Fund moves into additional school districts.  The impact of this program cannot be measured as a small thing (a pair of shoes) and has ripple effects in self-esteem, education, sports and teamwork, physical health and activity. 

Many parents in our community are making choices between buying healthy food and covering basic needs for their families.  By taking this one thing off their plate, First Day Shoe Fund complements PFC’s ends of creating access for all to food that is healthy for people, land and economy.

Not only does First Day Shoe Fund have a non-discrimination policy in place that covers all employees, volunteers, clients, donors and vendors, but it also seeks to include the perspectives of students and parents when they consider services and distribution programs.  In this way, First Day Shoe Fund hopes to help create a more equitable community.

For more information on First Day Shoe Fund, visit: 



2019 Board of Directors Election Results

Hello PFC family,

Thanks so much to the more than 50 folks that came out to the PFC Annual Owner Meeting this past Sunday. Thank you to the board and PFC staff members that helped to make it such a success, and to Michael, Ann, Lauren, Haniya, Kate, Cody, Michelle, Jace, Jay and Julie for the volunteer support to pull off the event.

In the store and KFM you will now find printed copies of our 2018 PFC Annual Report. As we've been discussing in various emails and other conversations, sales were down, and we lost cash. We've been tweaking our model to adjust to the lower sales, and adding the Front Porch and making other store changes has helped. And we have begun thinking bigger about how to invest in PFC so that it can better weather continued changes to the grocery market in our area. Stay tuned to keep up-to-date.

The 2019 PFC Board of Directors elections were a success! Of our 3400 owners, 1918 are current in dues (within a grace period of 30 days) and thus eligible to vote. With 307 of those eligible owners voting (16%), we exceeded quorum (10%). Here are the tallies:

  • Ben Brown -  233 votes
  • Lonna Hardin - 226 votes
  • Lori Evesque - 215 votes
  • Max Hospadaruk - 174 votes

Congratulations to Ben, Lonna and Lori! I also want to take this chance to appreciate all the ways that Max Hospadaruk show up as a leader at PFC, including his service on the board of directors for the past three years. He has given and done so much in the name of making PFC a better place through board leadership. And he continues to provide much-needed and widely appreciated leadership in the store as a go-to staffer for training and PFC background for newer staff, comedic reliever, and as nothing short of an amazing customer service provider. Thank you Max!

Finally, before I send you back to your daily lives, one of the big things that PFC Owners regularly tout as making a difference for them, is PFC's community connections. And we've got some great events coming up that will get you and keep you connected:

  • Thursday, July 18 - Night Market at KFM! 2-6pm join us for the regular Thursday market, then 5-10pm Night Market will include kids activities, live music, beer and wine for sale to benefit Can Do Kitchen, and tons of amazing food vendors to choose from.
  • Saturday, July 20 - Kalamazoo Farmers Market - Best market in Michigan, 7am-2pm.
  • Saturday, July 20 - Downtown Kalamazoo Salsa Cook-off - Kick off 2019 Restaurant Week and roam around downtown and taste salsas at various local businesses, this year including fresh, local produce from Kalamazoo Farmers Market vendors!
  • Tuesday, July 23 - Veda Cavanagh on the Front Porch - Join us for the first in a budding series of lunch time performances by area youth musicians, 12-12:30pm

There you have it! Shop the Market, shop the store, and be a part of something really special.

In cooperation,



Party at your co-op this Sunday!

Hi everyone!

The conversations in the store and via email for the past week leading up this coming weekend's Annual Owner Meeting have been great! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, concerns, ideas, dreams and fears. 

As we head into the final stretch before the Meeting, here are a few reminders:

  • Where & When: This Sunday, July 14, at PFC (507 Harrison Street), 4:30-7pm.
    • 4:30 - Food & Fun (free hot dogs and veggie dogs, watermelon..., as well as a bouncy house
    • 5-6pm - Meeting and community engagement
    • 6-7pm - Talent Show!!
  • Talent Show!! Our entertainment this year is by... US! Do you have a talent? Of course you do! Spinning fire? Card tricks? Beat box? Ukulele? We need you! I'm putting myself out there and planning to play a song I wrote for the guitar long ago. I am RUSTY! Will you join me? Please email to sign up.
  • Meeting Plan: This is the part where we the PFC staff and board set out to be as clear as possible about the current state of your co-op, and then look to you to bring some collective brainstorming to the products, experiences, and impacts we can provide to keep moving our important work as a grocer, market operator, and world-changer. Please come and be part of the solution. Thank you!
  • Elections: We will accept votes online through midnight Saturday, and paper votes until 5pm Sunday at the meeting at PFC. We need your input for a valid election!

Thank you so much for being part of PFC!


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