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Do You Have Ideas for Us?

Hi all!

Thanks for coming in this past weekend for Owner Appreciation Days! We had a busy weekend, despite a brief area power outage on Sunday. 

As we head toward the new year, we'll be looking and listening for ways to make PFC more and more of the place you want to shop and hang out. Right now only about 500 of our more than 3,000 owners take advantage of Owner Appreciation Days. Do you have ideas of ways we could make PFC more of a destination for you and your family more of the time? Do you have ideas for us? We'd love to hear them! Please email me at, or message us on Facebook. 

One thing that will be changing is, starting this Sunday, to allow our deli staff to make better use of their time, and based on historically low Sunday hot food and salad bar sales, we will not have our hot bar open. Don't worry, though! We will make sure to have our grab and go case full of a variety of sandwiches, salads, dips, and baked goods. And Breakfast Burritos aren't going anywhere!

We truly appreciate your continued support of Kalamazoo's only community-owned, locally grown grocery. Stronger together!




Gift Items for You and Yours!


Hello-ho-ho and Happy Hanukkah!

It's that time of the year when we're all thinking about things we can get our friends and family that they'll love and we'll feel good about. And whether your tradition is Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Solstice, we've got some fun stuff in the house!

First off, although the Gelt we ordered didn't come in, we do have Hanukkah candles from Goodlight. We all hope your third day of Hanukkah has been wonderful. 

Regardless of your tradition, if gift giving is part of it, PFC has you covered. We have invested some time and thought this year into gift items for you and yours; here's our list we've been checking twice:

  • Jewelry - Nia recently added crystal earrings to our collection of Matr Boomie fair trade, small enterprise jewelry from India. 
  • Cozy Wearables - Sourced ethically from around the world, we have:
    • Andes Gifts - connecting Kalamazoo to 40 women-owned cooperatives and 80 family knitting groups in Bolivia and Peru.
    • Terra Natural Designs - Made by women artisans in Ecuador.
  • Experiential gifts - How about a cooking class at PFC? Or attend our new "Learn to Make Vitamin Gummies" Wellness Class at PFC? Or, a visit to our region's premier Farmers Market?
    • We have gift vouchers you can purchase, redeemable for any posted cooking class of the bearer's choice. 
    • We also have Kalamazoo Farmers Market (KFM) Market Bucks, a gift certificate that can be used at KFM outdoor market, May through November.
  • Plants - We plan to have a selection of giftable plants in stock through the season. Right now we have frosted ferns and paperwhites... look for succulents coming soon!

PFC has an array of holiday cards by Good Paper. Deliver delight, encouragement, hope, or joy with their handcrafted Fair Trade greeting cards.

And don't forget to stuff your stockings with a great selection of single sized lip balms, lotions, snacks, chocolates and local fruits. Check out these LOCAL nifty ideas:

And always think PFC first as your planning your dinner table for this or any holiday.

Thank you! Your shopping at PFC makes great things possible. 


PS. PFC is proud to carry a great selection of fair trade products with inspiring stories from around the world— click here for a few suggestions for products with stories that will resonate with different people on your list.



December Change for Change: Michigan Racial Equity in the Food System Summit

December's Change for Change supports Michigan Racial Equity in the Food System Summit. When you round up your purchase during December, your change goes to support the first Michigan Racial Equity in the Food System Summit, a one day summit will be held April 5, 2019, at the Gilmore Center in Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo. It is an enlightening event focused on education, dialogue, and inspiring advocacy concerning structural inequities in the food system.

Keynote speaker for the event is renown chef and writer Tunde Wey, who uses food to help illustrate institutional inequities that exist in the food system and other sectors. Watch The Question of Dinner: A Conversation with Tunde Wey.


The summit focuses on access to power as it relates to land, labor and food by historically marginalized communities, especially people of color. The goal is to engage in learning and dialog for the purpose of identifying systemic and institutional inequities and opportunities that can help the community move toward a more equitable food system. Individual sessions will allow participants to enter conversations that foster understanding, and then move toward action.


Save the date--April 5, 2019! Like their Facebook page to stay updated!
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