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Community Read & Seed with the PFC

The PFC and its Board of Directors are pleased to announce a Co-op community read for 2012! To focus on issues related to local, sustainable, and organic food production and distribution, we will:

  • read the book Folks, This Ain't Normal written by Joel Salatin,
  • read the children's book Seedfolks written by Paul Fleischman and illustrated by Judy Pedersen, and
  • host screenings of the movie Urban Roots.


The books and movie are available for loan at the Kalamazoo Public Library, and for purchase at the Co-op, Michigan News Agency, and Kazoo Books! We aim to engage the PFC community in discussion and community building activities related to these works, ultimately helping to form a vision for our Co-op. Keep an eye out for the upcoming PFC community read events!


Food Assistance Programs at Local Farmers' Markets

Did you know that SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits can be used at many local farmers' markets? Eligible recipients can bring their bridge card to the market and turn their SNAP assistance into $1 tokens, which can be spent at participating businesses.

SNAP tokens are available at:

  • 100-Mile Market: Wednesdays 3-7pm
  • Douglass Farmers' Market: Tuesdays 3-6pm
  • Kalamazoo Farmers' Market: Saturdays 7am-1pm
  • Texas Township Farmers' Market: Saturdays 8am-12pm, Tuesdays 4-7pm 


Eligible items include food or food products for human use such as breads, meat, dairy products, cereals, seeds, fruits, and vegetables and plants or seeds for use in a home garden to produce food for personal use such as tomato plants.  Hot food and food prepared for immediate consumption are not eligible. For more information visit


    June brings Double Up Food Bucks to many markets as well.  Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) is a program that “matches” SNAP/Bridge Card dollars at farmers’ markets. Whatever you spend on your Bridge Card, you’ll get a dollar for dollar match of up to $20 in DUFB tokens that you can spend on fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Michigan. So, if you spend $20 on your Bridge Card, you’ll get an extra $20 – FREE – that you can use to buy more fresh, Michigan-grown produce.

    DUFB tokens are worth $2 each and available at local farmers' markets where you use SNAP benefits.  DUFB start at the 100-Mile Market on June 6, Kalamazoo Farmers' Market on June 2, and the Douglass Farmers' Market on June 5.  For more information, visit

Videos Feature International Year of the Co-op

The spotlight is on food co-ops in this video series celebrating 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives. Visit the Co+op stronger together website and watch celebrity chef Kevin Gillespie travel to food co-ops across the country — from grocery aisles to farm fields — to share their passion for delicious food and local communities. You’ll quickly discover many ways food co-ops, their shoppers and owners, and their communities are stronger together.