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More, Better, Stronger PFC

Hello PFC Peeps!

PFC is awesome. I know you know that. We are far from perfect, have lots to learn, and want to always improve, of course. And at the core, we are a community-owned grocery store and farmers market operator focused on creating access for everyone in our community to food that supports the health of all people, the planet, and local economies. That's awesome.

That's why we want more, better, stronger PFC. 
Declining sales at PFC are unsettling. There are so many options for you in our community to shop at, but we always want PFC to be on your list. We've asked folks if it's not on your list, why it's not. They've said price, selection and location.

Price: We'll continue to build on our Deals and Basics programs, and shopping at PFC is an investment in a more sustainable future for our community. We wouldn't charge for it if it wasn't important.

Selection: Gotcha. Our current store size is too small to offer the selection you're looking for to make the trip worthwhile sometimes, we've heard. We're working on our mix of products every day, and we want more space to work with, too. 

Location: Yep. Heard. We LOVE the location PFC is in, and we're hearing the feedback that it's more and more out of the way for many folks as the options change.

When we think More, Better, Stronger PFC, it is in the context of those concerns. So, we've begun thinking about how to solve for size and location, and have begun to do some research to learn about our options. Here's a place we could use some help from you: Would you be willing to take an hour or two from your day to volunteer with us? We need to complete a survey to collect market data. Scroll down to the Volunteer Opportunity block below to learn more.

More, better, stronger PFC can bring a community-centered approach to expanding access to great food in our community that sustains human and planetary life, and builds strong resilient local economies:

  • Local Producer Relationships - local products are throughout our store, and front and center at Kalamazoo Farmers Market. 
  • Anti-Oppressive Approach - We live in a very diverse community. PFC stands for ensuring that everyone in our community benefits from the work we do - from being a great employer, to being a great operator, to creating places for all. Want to learn more about our Anti-Oppression work, and that of others in our community? Check out this Wednesday's Institutional Anti-Racism panel at KPL.
  • Zero-Waste Lifestyle Support - PFC's commitment to bulk and package-free product where possible makes it easier to lower your impact. From grains, produce and beans, to household cleaning and body care products, fill up your own containers and reduce waste.

There's tons more, and none of it is perfected. We are so grateful to be in this endeavor with you. 

Every time you shop, you're supporting more, better, stronger: See you soon at PFC!