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What's your co-op doing about food waste?

Hello PFC Peeps,

In an article I recently read on the WMEAC website, about preventing food waste in grocery stores, it's clear that we have a problem. As shoppers, we want the highest quality food all the time, and as grocers we know that the only way to do that is to over buy, and then toss what doesn't sell.

As owners of and shoppers at Southwest Michigan's coolest grocery store, you deserve to know how your business handles the fundamentals of running a great grocer. 

PFC is committed to wasting as little food as possible. To that end, we strive to purchase only what's needed. And when we over buy, we put it on sale and get it into your hands ASAP.

Additionally, we have a robust prepared foods program. JaRay, Isaac, Andrew and Natasha LOVE to use the locally and regionally produced meats, breads, and produce that we purchase in the store. Ordered an extra case of green beans from Crisp Country Acres? No problem! Let's roast 'em for the hot bar! A few too many Otto's boneless skinless breasts in stock this week? No problem! Bake them off, slice them, and add them to the Cobb Salads. 

Finally, some stuff does reach the end of it's life, either the trimmings from prepping this week's roasted vegetables, or because that case of strawberries wasn't up to snuff for shoppers or the deli. Those items go into a local loop composting system put together, monitored and maintained by our staff and Heather Colburn of Elder Fire Farm Arts. 

PFC ain't perfect. No way. But we are certainly committed to being a great grocer, and doing that in a way that aligns with our environmental values.

Thanks for listening. See you soon in the aisle!