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You're Needed at the Annual Meeting

Hello hello!

A few weeks ago, the PFC Board of Directors emailed with a sobering update about the state of our co-op after years of competition and road construction related sales declines. Thanks to the many of you that responded with ideas, and kudos, and words of encouragement. It helps so much! PFC is in a good position currently, our amazing team doing great work every day at the store and the market, and your spending at PFC on local, sustainable, delicious food, is the fuel for our fire. 

When you choose PFC, you keep great folks employed, doing gratifying work with local growers and producers that aims to transform our local food system to one that benefits all people, the planet, and the local economy. 

Over the coming months, it's my hope and the goal of our board that we keep this conversation going. We want to know what you want and need from your co-op, from the products you want to see, to the location(s) you want to see them, to the experience you want to have at the market, to the leadership you expect from us as a community-based food systems organization that is made up of YOU and 3400 of your framily (some you've never even met before!). 

The next part of this conversation will happen at the PFC Annual Owner Meetingand we want you to be there for it. Here are the event details:

  • When: Sunday, July 14, 4:30-7pm
  • Where: 507 Harrison Street
  • What: Block Party! We're closing off Willard Street, serving free hot dogs (meat and veggie), setting up a bounce house and other kids activities, and hosting a PFC Talent Show!

We will keep the meeting portion quick and to the point, with the goal to update you and provoke you to think about the future of PFC. There will be a chance to give input, ask questions, and collaboratively imagine possible directions for PFC to go next. Please come. We need your voice.

A few more quickies:

  • Thank you to the more than 180 owners that have voted for the PFC Board of Directors. We need you to vote next! 
  • Thanks to all of you for rounding up last month for the Merze Tate Explorers. Four of the Merze Tate girls were in the store today to pick up the Change for Change check, and they're SO excited for the opportunities the program is affording them! For July, we have the Fresh Food Friends program at KFM. Please round up!
  • If you're interested in lending a hand at the Annual Meeting, we'd love your help. We're looking for volunteers to assist with setup, tear down, and general support during the event. Email Katie for more info.

Alright! Let's do this!

Thanks y'all!