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New Month, New Local Favorites!

Hello everyone!

As we head into the Super Saturday weekend in Kalamazoo, I want to remind you that this weekend is Owner Appreciation Days. We put tons of love into our little store as we head into this weekend to get ready for you to come and stock up! This Friday through next Tuesday, get 10% off one shop.

Also, it's a new month, so we have a new Change for Change recipient! Merze Tate Explorers is a local program designed to inspire girls to go to college by exposing them to travel experiences and writing about it. Please round up when you shop; it makes a big difference! Thanks to all who rounded up last month for Mothers of Hope. Thanks to you, we raised $1,458 for that much needed organization!!

While I've got you on the line, let me end with a few special items to be on the look out for in the store. We just reset a bunch of the store, moving items to be able to work new items in. Think of it as a treasure hunt! While you're shopping, look for these gems:

  • Housemade Cake Pops! Natasha has been at it again...creating a vegan treat that's super fun!
  • SuuKuu, the herbal infusions company out of Grand Rapids, has done it again! They've come up with a line of tonics that SO GOOD! Find them in the grab and go cooler.
  • In the produce department, look for some Michigan grown fresh horseradishCheck out this recipe to make your own sauce.
  • Did you know that we now have Soil Friends (Galesburg, MI) meads and hard ciders? In the beer department!
  • Euphoria Coffee, a roaster a block away from PFC, has partnered with Green Door Distillery (two blocks from PFC!) to make a bourbon barrel aged Guatemalan medium roast coffee. Find it for $9.99 per pound in the bulk coffee area. All the flavor of an Irish Coffee, but without the guilt. Delicious!

Have a great week, and we'll see you at the store and market soon!