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2019 PFC Board Elections

It’s Time to Vote for the Board!

One of the fundamentals of the cooperative business structure is One Member, One Vote. A minimum of 10% of the PFC’s owners must vote in order for this election to be valid. While we hope for far more than minimum participation, reaching that 10% goal is vital for the perpetuation of a strong, visionary PFC Board of Directors.

Each year, three of nine board seats go up for election. This year, there are four individuals running. You can find their statements of candidacy on the ballot at the link below. The candidates have included their email addresses in case you'd like to contact them with questions. 

To vote by paper ballot, please download and print the ballot at the link below.

Download a 2019 PFC Board Ballot


You may return your paper ballot to PFC anytime before the Annual Owner Meeting at 5pm on Sunday, July 14. More details about the 2019 Annual Owner Meeting available here.

Connecting Community to Uncommonly Good Food, Annual Meeting 2019 on Sunday, July 14 at 4:30pm

If you voted online using the link emailed to you, please do not vote using the paper ballot. Submitting multiple ballots invalidates your vote. Online voting must be completed by the end of the day July 13.

If you have questions about the board elections or about your ballot, please contact Board Chair Hether Frayer at