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Getting Involved at Your Co-op

Hello PFC Peeps! 

What a beautiful day we had today. I hope you got out to enjoy some of that sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine...we've got LOCAL, organic plant starts from Cinzori Organic Farm in the house! $3.50 per plant, or $3 for owners. Come build your garden with us!

Discounts like that are a perk of PFC ownership. As a community-owned grocery store focused on doing good for people, land and economy with every purchase and every interaction at the store or the Kalamazoo Farmers Market. As an owner, you can get involved in YOUR co-op. How?! I'm so glad you asked:

  1. Shop it!  - First and foremost, shop your co-op. Over the past several years, sales at PFC have declined due to competition, road construction, and more. Your shopping is what fuels this work. Please choose PFC and KFM first!
  2. Volunteer - Want to help out and see the inner workings of the coolest grocery store and farmers market in town? You can! We'd love your help unloading trucks, washing dishes, running EBT at the markets, tabling at events, and more. Email me if you have an interest.
  3. Run for the Board! & Vote! - As a democratically run organization, our owners vote from among them for the nine board members that oversee PFC. Consider running to be part of that group of smart, driven, committed folks. It's an amazing way to support this work. And then, once we launch the elections in June, please remember to vote!

We cannot do the work of creating access for all to good food without your commitment to YOUR co-op. 

I hope to see you shopping at PFC & KFM soon!

And thank you!