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Cooperative Principle #5: Education, Training, and Information

Hello PFC Peeps!

If you made it out to the Racial Equity in the Food System Summit and/or the Foodways Symposium this past weekend, as I did, you were treated to some excellent conversations, programs, and cooking classes.

One thing that people mention over and over about PFC is our great selection of cooking classes. Have you looked at the schedule of upcoming cooking class events lately? Here's a taste:

All the classes are $20, and kids under 12 (1 per accompanying adult) are free.

As we ready ourselves for farmers market season, Gaby and Grace are preparing to delight market goers with food demos every Saturday. 

Do you have a group that does activities? How about a guided tour of our store or Kalamazoo Farmers Market? We'd love to show your group around and talk about all the work we do at both sites to create access, support local business, do business in environmentally sound ways, and address structural barriers to good food access. Email me directly to get something scheduled.

Whether it's cooking classes, vendor signs at the market, farm location info on local produce in the store, anti-racism training, or tours of our store, PFC is all about educating our community, and sharing information to allow us all to make the best choices possible for ourselves our families and our community.

That's Cooperative Principle Five: Education, Training and Information at work!

Thanks for being part of something special!