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Cooperative Principle #4: Autonomy and Independance

Hello PFC Peeps!

As spring embraces us slowly in its warming days, it's nice to feel more comfortable spending time outside. Have you started to think about your garden? We've got seeds starting in our dining room at my house. At PFC we have Seeds Savers Exchange heirloom seeds for your gardening, regularly priced at only $2.79 per pack (on sale for 2/$5 this week!). And please put Saturday, May 11 on your calendar for our Grow It Yourself on Mother's Day event. More on that to come in future weeks.

Several weeks ago, JaRay Reese, PFC's Deli Manager, and I were in Milwaukee presenting about PFC's Anti-Oppression work at a startup food co-op conference. The energy there was AMAZING. There are 40 or so community groups across the country that are working on starting their very own food co-ops. They are so excited about building something real in their community to meet the needs of their community in a way that only they can do. We have that. We have our community store and a vision for sourcing food in ways that our community wants and needs. The 3400 of us that own PFC make decisions about our cooperative with no one else to serve but our community. It puts me in the mind of food sovereignty, a philosophy I describe as our community making decisions for ourselves about how and what we want to feed ourselves. 

This is the Fourth Cooperative Principle: Autonomy and Independence. 

It can be difficult to balance the needs, beliefs and wants of 3400 individuals and families, but we do. We survey you. We talk to you in the store. We listen to you about the products you want, about mitigating impact on the planet, and about improving social justice. And the board and staff make decisions based on the info we get, balancing as best we can the often conflicting feedback. We are not beholden to a corporation someplace. We are us.

Thanks for being us with me. It's such a wonderful way to be.

Until next week,