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Going Above & Beyond For Each Other

Hello PFC Peeps!!

Holy mackerel! Last week was a doozy! I hope all your homes, families and lives were not too negatively impacted by the weather. 

I was really impressed with how our community came together, providing lots of extra housing for folks in need during the worst of the low temperatures, and going above and beyond for each other.

Here at PFC we weathered some temperature-related challenges about as well as I can imagine. Our cooler system failed several times over three days, resulting in some product losses. But the worst of it was averted through hard work and dedication on the part of our awesome PFC team. We moved product out of cases in the evening, and into walk-ins in the back with dry ice. Then restocked every morning. Several major deliveries didn't come throughout the week as well, leaving gaping holes to try and fill ASAP when product did come in. Schedules had to change last minute as we made decisions about opening and closing times.

And yet the team kept smiling and working hard at the work in front of us - make a difference in the world by making a great store experience and community gathering place happen every day.

By the time you read this, the cases should be brimming once again with the best food our area has to offer. Next time you're in, give your friendly PFC staffer a high five, and thank them for going above and beyond to make this place great.

I'm so lucky to work with this team.

Have a wonderful week, y'all,