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Food for Thought About Our Northside Neighborhood

Hello PFC Peeps!

Today we have some fun updates from and food for thought about the part of town PFC is in: the Northside Neighborhood. 

As part of Imagine 2025 - the City's master planning process - the Northside Association for Community Development's (NACD)  neighborhood plan includes a new Northside Cultural Business District, which PFC is within! We are excited about this development for many reasons, but most of all because of the goals NACD has set out around neighbor-owned businesses, particularly Black-owned, as well as other goals like affordable housing and activity zones for teens and kids. As we brainstorm with Mattie Jordan-Woods at NACD, we'll share and look for input. In the meantime, please consider showing up to City Commission and other events to support the visionary leadership of this neighborhood.

One of our hard-working PFC staffers, Nia Evans, as part of her course work in Public Health at WMU, has written an Op-Ed piece talking about the potential health benefits to the neighborhood of higher quality housing. We are all at least somewhat aware of gentrification, and the negative effect it can have on our neighborhood residents. Nia's call to action is for the City and we as PFC community members to invest in the Northside Neighborhood where the residents know they need it most, not in ways that push residents out.

Read Nia's Op-Ed here. 

Have a great week, y'all!