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Apples, Peaches, & Ratatouille


PFC Peeps,


Find some delicious early autumn options in produce including local Paula Red and Zestar apples from Crisp Country Acres, as well as BEAUTIFUL local organic peaches from Molter Family Orchards. We get both of those items through our progressing partnership with the KVCC ValleyHub.


The Deli has been hard at work putting together some delicious options for us all to enjoy. This week our creamy Blue Cheese Potato Salad made a comeback, and tomorrow's $5 Dinner Deal will be pasta (gluten-free available), and a selection of three house-made sauces. Don't miss it!


Come join us at PFC for family date night on Wednesday, September 26! Enjoy the $5 Dinner Deal until 8pm and watch Ratatouille on the big screen behind PFC. Bring your own lawn chairs and blankets. We'll start the movie at 7:15pm.


Finally, in solidarity with the good and hard work being done in our community right now to both safeguard some of the community's most vulnerable, and to work toward long-term local solutions to homelessness, Change for Change for the rest of September will go toward purchasing consumable goods and equipment for the Bronson Park Freedom Encampment. A member of our PFC AntiRacism Transformation Team has taken it on to organize with the folks in the Park to determine what's needed and to bring those items down once a week or as often as needed.


We appreciate all your heartfelt support of good work in our community. We are so much stronger together.


In Cooperation,