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When you shop at PFC...

Hi PFC Community!

August is an exciting month at PFC! You should shortly be receiving a postcard in the mail from us with dates for the Owner Appreciation Days (OAD) for the rest of the year. Here's what you should know:
  • August Owner Appreciation Days are August 1-14. What!? That's right, we REALLY want you to come and take advantage of the benefits of ownership at PFC. Please come and get 10% one shop during that period. 
  • Additionally, we've listed on the postcard the dates of OADs for the rest of the year. We're changing those too: We're now doing first Friday of the month through the follow Tuesday.
  • As a super-double-bonus, we've added a 10% off $25 or more for use some time before August 31. Really, that's a second OAD for you!
Know why? Because we love and appreciate you, and want you to get the most out of YOUR co-op. So, let's see each and every one of you come out and say HI! Really! Let's do it!
And when you do shop PFC, you make such a difference! When you shop:
  • You employ great people!
  • You help to end racism in Kalamazoo!
  • You support local, family farmers!
  • You help us figure out how to feed our community in the face of changing climate.
  • You shop in line with your social and environmental justice values.
  • You support Can Do Kitchen and other start up and local producers.
  • You round up and contribute to great programs doing amazing things.
  • You knit yourself more into this amazing community.
  • You change the world!
All that, AND you get great, delicious, healthy food made with love.
You can't beat it. See you tomorrow. :)