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August Change for Change: UrbanZone


Every time you shopped at PFC Natural Grocery & Deli this August you were asked if you'd like to donate to Change for Change. By rounding your bill to the nearest dollar, you raised $2230 for UrbanZone.

The vision of UrbanZone is to transform communities through providing services and activities which empower youth and young adults through education, leadership, music and entrepreneurial opportunities.   

Education (DROP-IN) Drop-In to connect with friends, use computers or play games. This is a safe quiet study place supported by staff, volunteer and tutors.  Call in advance to request a tutor. Snacks provided.

Leadership Youth Adult Advisory Council  YAC serves as program guides to the UrbanZone leadership team. YAC will help develop relevant programs, help with funds direction, and evaluation or future program recommendations.  Serve as mentors and advocators of youth driven communities. YAC plays a crucial leadership role that it drives the direction and focus of being a youth-driven organization. 

Music This will be a youth-run recording studio housed inside UrbanZone. Youth engineers will learn the following as it relates to running the studio:
  • Audio engineering techniques
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing

Transportation The UrbanZone also provides FREE transportation to all members of the program. We will be doing pick ups and drop offs from school or home. Our program is trying to eliminate any obsolesces that a child could come across when trying to get to an after school program. 

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