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July Change for Change: Healthy Babies Healthy Start

In July, through the Change for Change program, you raised $2,360 for Healthy Babies Healthy Start by rounding up your purchases at PFC to the nearest dollar, with all of the money going to Healthy Babies Healthy Start.

Healthy Babies Healthy Start's mission is to decrease the infant mortality rate and racial disparities in maternal infant health in Kalamazoo. They offer in-home support and educational opportunities to those in the following Kalamazoo neighborhoods: Edison, Westwood, Northside, and Eastside.

Healthy Babies Healthy Start's in-home support assists with:

  • Pregnancy information and education
  • Understanding baby's development before & after birth
  • Women's health education
  • Individualized goal planning
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Health resources
  • Getting referrals to other community programs

They also offer FREE classes on a variety of parenting and health-related topics available to anyone in the Kalamazoo community.


For more information, please visit: