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July Change for Change: Healthy Babies Healthy Start

Our mission is to decrease the infant mortality rate and racial disparities in maternal infant health in Kalamazoo with:

In Home Support

We are an in home family support program that can help you with:

  • Pregnancy information/Education
  • Understanding your babies development before & after birth
  • Women's Health Education
  • Individualized Goal Planning
  • Transportation to Medical Appointments
  • Health Resources
  • Getting Referrals to Community programs

By working together we can help you have a smoother, healthier pregnancy with continued support until your baby turns two years old!

Our services are available in the following Kalamazoo zip codes:
49001 (Edison)
49006 (Westwood)
49007 (Northside)
49048 (Eastside)


Educational Opportunities

Available to anyone in the Kalamazoo Community 

Check out our FREE classes on:

  • Copping with life after baby is born
  • Helpful Parenting Tips
  • Providing a Safe Sleep Environment for your Baby
  • Family Planning
  • Exercise & Healthy Habits
  • Ditching cigarettes for a Healthier You!
  • Budgeting
  • Domestic Violence

And more…


For more information: