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June Change for Change: KYD Network

Our June Change for Change program supported Kalamazoo Youth Development Network. You raised $2,468 to help ensure that all Kalamazoo County youth have access to high-quality, youth-driven, diverse, inclusive, and equitable out-of-school time (OST) programs that are a part of a well-coordinated system that uses data and best practice strategies.

The Kalamazoo Youth Development Network (KYD Network), formed in 2000 with the support serves as the out-of-school time (OST) intermediary for Kalamazoo County.  Our vision is that all youth are college, career, and community ready by 21.  We achieve this vision by ensuring that all Kalamazoo County youth, ages 5 to 21, have access to high quality, youth-driven out-of-school time experiences that are inclusive, culturally relevant, well coordinated and use resources efficiently to reduce disparities among youth.  We directly work with over 40 youth-serving organizations, many of which who have received Change for Change funding (open roads, CIS, Peace House, Black Arts & Cultural Center, Educating for freedom in Schools, etc).

KYD Network is currently partnering with the Hunger Coalition to make Child and Adult Care Food Program meals available more readily accessible for youth in the county. We are taking a neighborhood approach to make sure there is Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner available to youth in the Northside, Eastside and Southside neighborhoods through our cohort members programming sites, regardless of whether youth participate in those programs or not. We hope to parlay this into a comprehensive plan in the fall to continue making sure food as accessible for youth in our county.