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2018: The Year of Reimagination & Recovery

Hello PFC Peeps!

I love this time of year. I love the feeling of hope that accompanies a time of renewal. We've all seen and done a lot this past year. Much of what we've seen has been full of love and wonder, and some of it has been fundamentally challenging to the fabric of community, of our ideas of ourselves, our culture, our national identity.

I like this time of year because I can reflect on what's passed and yet look ahead at what's possible.

For PFC, the past year has been one of reimagination and recovery. 2017 was an extremely challenging year between the addition of another quasi-natural store as well as the dreaded six-month road construction. 2018 was recovery from those changes, and, with the addition of the Front Porch, reworking of other parts of the store to be able to offer more options in meat, cheese, beer and wine, wellness, and more. All this work has begun to make a difference.

I'm aware that we have lost regular shoppers owners and non-, for many different reasons I am sure, over the past years, as the square footage of natural grocery in our area has increased from 19,000 (2014) to 66,000 (2018), and other grocery stores have strived to emulate what PFC does. It's tempting to think that having chain stores from outside our state (and outside the US), come here is a "win" for our community, thinking "we ARE somebody!" Indeed, this community is worth having the options we want and need to make our food dreams (and other dreams) come true!

Any yet, no one else in our community does what we do. PFC staff show up at the store and at our PFC Markets every day, ready to work so hard and connect you and others in our community to each other and to the food and food sources that knit us together, make us healthier, save the planet, and bolster the local economy. What an honor it is to do this work for and with you!

As you head into the new year, ruminate a bit on what we've accomplished together as Kalamazoo's only community-owned grocery and market operator, and imagine what we can do next if we stay invested in what PFC is all about: connecting community to uncommonly good food. There is so much more we can do together! And it starts with choosing PFC.

Best to you and yours,

Chris & the PFC Team