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January Change for Change: Boiling Point Collective

January's Change for Change supports Boiling Point Collective. When you round up your purchase during January, your change goes to support a collective space in Kalamazoo for grassroots community organizing.

The Boiling Point Collective is a burgeoning decentralized collective in Kalamazoo, Michigan that strives to cooperatively own and operate a shared space for the benefit of local to regional grassroots community organizers and non-violent direct action campaigns that address an array of issues that impact us, oppressed communities and the landbase we share.

The purpose of the Boiling Point Collective is for the creation of a hub for like-minded people to elaborate the conditions for a world desirable to live in while opposing the things that prevent its attainment through analysis of root causes and direct action. We believe people possess the means to actualize their desires without deferring their agency for individual and collective action when they physically come together to build affinity. We have recognized a void in our social and ecological region. People are seeking to address problems on their own terms but have nowhere to meet each other or to operate from. We seek to create a situation that will deteriorate the atomizing conditions of this culture by undermining the forces of alienation while emboldening our collective power and healing. 

Connect with Boiling Point Collective on Facebook here.