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December Change for Change: Michigan Racial Equity in the Food System Summit

December's Change for Change supported Michigan Racial Equity in the Food System Summit. When you rounded up your purchase during December, your change went to support the first Michigan Racial Equity in the Food System Summit, a one day summit will be held April 5, 2019, at the Gilmore Center in Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo. It is an enlightening event focused on education, dialogue, and inspiring advocacy concerning structural inequities in the food system.

By rounding your bill to the nearest dollar, you raised $1,584 for Michigan Racial Equity in the Food System Summit.

Keynote speaker for the event is renown chef and writer Tunde Wey, who uses food to help illustrate institutional inequities that exist in the food system and other sectors. Watch The Question of Dinner: A Conversation with Tunde Wey.


The summit focuses on access to power as it relates to land, labor and food by historically marginalized communities, especially people of color. The goal is to engage in learning and dialog for the purpose of identifying systemic and institutional inequities and opportunities that can help the community move toward a more equitable food system. Individual sessions will allow participants to enter conversations that foster understanding, and then move toward action.


Save the date--April 5, 2019! Like their Facebook page to stay updated!