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Kiva: Loans that Change Lives

Local Initiative Support (LISC) Small Business and Kiva are partners together in expanding financial opportunities to entrepreneurs and small business in Kalamazoo. Through Kiva, an online loan crowdfunding platform, you can access 0% interest small business up to $10,000. Kiva loans are crowdfunded by people in Kalamazoo, and around the globe, who lend as little as $25 to support your small business- connecting you with customers, community, and capital.

PFC Natural Grocery & Deli is a Kiva Trustee. Kiva Trustees are organizations that recommend borrowers and endorse them publicly based on borrowers' character and the viability of their business. PFC is under no financial or legal liability, but we help support borrowers throughout the Kiva process of applying, fundraising, and repaying.

PFC is working to create opportunities for local food businesses to thrive in the marketplace and have positive social impact. If you have a business that supports PFC's mission of creating access for all to healthy food and are seeking funding, this may be your opportunity. 

Kiva loans are 0% interest, no fee loans for entrepreneurs doing good things. Borrowers can apply for up to $10,000. The capital may be used for business purposes only. For instance, purchasing equipment or inventory, expanding product lines, hiring additional staff, marketing, advertising, improving or creating websites, and paying for legal fees. 

Borrower requirements: 

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Cannot currently be in bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • Have or be willing/able to create a PayPal account
  • Must be willing to support another Kiva borrower $25
  • Must secure lenders from your own personal network

If you get the endorsement of one of the Kiva Trustees in Kalamazoo, LISC will match your crowdfunding effort $1 for $1. 

A new fillable form for Kiva Trustee Endorsement Requests has been placed on the Greater Kalamazoo Business Resources website, simply click here, and find the "Go To Form" button for Kiva Trustee Endorsement.