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Grateful for Great Growers in Our Community

Hello PFC Peeps!

PFC is committed to creating access to everyone for good food - healthy for people, land and economy. Our buyers and staff are here every day choosing the best products, working to best balance price, quality and community impact. A big job! And one we feel grateful to get to do.

In our produce department, we have long defined healthy for people and land as organic only, and local organic when possible, building long-standing relationships with amazing organic growers like Molter Family Orchards, Cinzori Organic Farm, and Birdsong Farms. Over the past year or so, we've added to that list some local growers that are sustainable but not certified and/or grow conventionally - well-respected producers like Crisp Country Acres, Green Gardens Community Farm, Soil Friends Farm, and Schultz Fruitridge Farm. We're so lucky to have all these great growers in our community!

As we head into this winter, our minds have turned to berries - strawberries, raspberries, blueberries! We want to carry great quality fresh fruit, but want to do it at a price that people can more readily afford. We know that lots of our shoppers shop at other stores as well, and we'd like to have you choose PFC for your fruit, knowing the price is good, AND shopping PFC supports great things for the whole community. So, starting in the coming weeks, you will find more conventional produce on our shelves. You will also find larger, clearer signage of which items are Organic and which are Conventional so you can make the right choice for your family.

In the end, we know organic is the direction that our planet needs us to invest in. And as we continue to make our way to that promised land, we know that our bodies need fresh food, and our budgets need it to be affordable. 

I hope you join us on this journey, and choose to purchase what you can at PFC!

In other news, Alpaca hats, gloves and scarves have arrived!! Come on down to PFC for the latest and snuggliest in winter wear from fair trade ranchers and makers.

Finally, this coming Friday through Tuesday, November 2-6, are Owner Appreciation Days! Come in and save 10% on one shop during that period. Thank you for choosing PFC!

Stronger together!