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We Appreciate How Much You Love Your Co-op

Hello PFC lovers!

We appreciate how much you love your Co-op. And we show it every month, first Friday through the following Tuesday in the form of Owner Appreciation Days! During those 5 days, you can do a big shop for 10% off. That's right! All your favorite bulk, deli, produce, wellness and grocery items are 10% off. That's how we show our love. Well, that and doing lots of good stuff in your name....

One of the great things we've been doing since 2016 is partnering with Kiva's online crowd-lending platform and LISC, a neighborhood development organization, to bring local small food business start ups, or small local food businesses looking to take a leap to the next level. Access to capital is the single biggest barrier to people with great ideas creating great businesses. This program addresses this.

PFC serves as a "social underwriter" in this process, that is, a place that has a relationship with borrowers. When PFC endorses a Kiva borrower, LISC matches the crowd-raised portion of the loan dollar for dollar! That's a great way to invest in local food businesses!

We have partnered with seven local businesses over the past couple years, including Mamaleelu Cold Brew and Food is Fun/Kaleamazoo Chips. Other community partners in Kalamazoo serve as social underwriters for other business types. 

Check out the Kiva web site, look for local businesses, and keep tabs on PFC's underwritten borrowers on our social media and in the enews. Together we can make better access to better food through great businesses possible!

Have a great week, and we'll see you in the aisles this weekend!