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It's Turkey Time, Co-op Month, & Zero Waste Weekend!


Hello PFC Peeps! 

First, let's talk turkey. Yep, it's that time once again. Both our turkey farmers, Henry and Joe, have been busy raising their flocks to make your holiday centerpiece the best ever. We're now taking pre-orders for either a fresh (never frozen) bird raised by Amish farmers, Henry Graber and his family, in LaGrange, IN, or recently frozen birds raised by Joe Koopsen in Schoolcraft, MI. Both are of superior quality, and are a great value at $3.99 per pound. Call or come in the store to order.

Did you know it's National Cooperative Business Month? That's right! In October, we take a moment to celebrate what makes co-ops special. Last week, we started celebrating by appreciating you, our owners. Thanks for being part of what makes us special! This weekend, we have a couple fun things for you to do to celebrate:

  • Zero Waste Weekend! One thing that makes food co-ops, including PFC, special is our commitment to the natural world. From PFC's monarch waystation of native plantings, to our rain garden that naturally cleans much of the water coming off the parking lot rather than sending it to the sewer system, and from the way we capture waste heat from our refrigeration to pre-heat 1000 gallons of water a day without burning natural gas, to our solar panels, it's clear we're trying to do right by mother earth. Well, this weekend, we thought we'd get you in on the fun. Our first ever Zero Waste Weekend features:
    • $5 off $25 in bulk products Saturday and Sunday - bring in your own reusable container, and save on our hundreds of bulk items. Find the coupon on our Facebook page.
    • Learn to make Reusable Food Wraps, at a demo by Bee Joyful, this Saturday, October 20, 10am-2pm. This is a drop-in event, so just stop in to chat with Jessica about natural, reusable, local food wraps as an alternative to single-use plastics.
    • Select from our new selection of reusable food storage containers.
    • And take advantage of everyday discounts like $.25 off your order when you use a PFC reusable bag, and $.25 off your deli hot food bar order for each reusable container you bring in and fill.
  • Owner Drive 2018! Also starting Saturday, October 20, and going through Sunday, October 28, PFC is working to drum up new owners! We have a challenge for you: If PFC gets 25 new owners during that period, we'll donate $200 to a cooperative project or program in our community. Let's do this! PFC is stronger together!

Finally, don't forget: Portage Market goes through next Sunday, October 29, and Kalamazoo Farmers Market goes all the way through to the Saturday before Thanksgiving: November 17.

See you soon!