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Message from PFC GM Chris Dilley 

Happy 2018 PFC peeps!

We hope you've been staying warm, and had some fun over the holidays.
As we dive into the new year, we have what you need to keep your body feeling great! Check out the new citrus, and many juicing and smoothie options in our produce department. Fresh Deals abound as well, so check those out.

The frigid temps seemed to have kept some folks away last week, making for a lower than usual turn out for Owner Appreciation Days. Not to worry, we have just the news you want to hear....

In 2018, we are transitioning to MONTHLY Owner Appreciation Days!! Yep, you heard me right. Starting THIS WEEKEND, we'll host Owner Appreciation Days EVERY FIRST WEEKEND, Friday through Sunday, of the month.
Why? Because on average only 20% of owners take advantage of the discount each time. So, we figured if we can increase the frequency and consistency, we'll make it easier to plan and to take advantage of for you! 

You won't get a postcard every time (to save on printing and postage), but we've made it really easy: 10% Off One Shop Every First Weekend, period.

Let us know what you think about this change and everything else we're up to at PFC.
Finally, thanks again for your patience with the construction inside the store this December. The crew has been making quick work of it, and we plan to have access to the new dining room before the end of this month. Woohoo!!
Stay warm, and please come and see what we've got cooking soon!