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Message from PFC GM Chris Dilley 

 by Chris Dilley

Happy almost New Year!
I hope your week has been full of joy, good food, and lots of fun.
As we head to the last weekend of 2017, let's look back on what we've done together. Because of YOU:
  • Nearly 200 local producers and farmers had an outlet for their amazing food through our storefront and two farmers markets
  • Over $25,000 in Change for Change went to 10 local organizations. Paying it forward to do more good.
  • Organic and Fair Trade farmers and businesses across the world have had an outlet for their goods
  • 27 great people have great jobs in this community
It's a pleasure and an honor to do this work with YOU! Thanks for choosing PFC.
As we head into the New Years holiday and any holiday or Bowl game parties you might have going on, stop in for...
  • Local cheeses and local apples, as well as other delicious organic fruits for your snack platters,
  • 45 local beers in six-packs and singles!
  • Bubbly from Lawton Ridge Winery
  • Chips galore from Michigan's own Great Lakes Potato Chip Co., hint: the Buffalo Wing flavor is the best!
  • Munchies from the bulk department like mixed nuts, Barsy's almonds Naughties or Smokies, Jolly Beans, Wild Ginger Harvest Trail Mix, yogurt-covered pretzels, chocolate-covered EVERYTHING!! 
  • Organic citrus galore
  • And, of course, amazing options from our deli including house-made salsa, olives and other items from the olive bar, Cashew Curry Hummos, oatmeal cream pies, stuffed grape leaves, and so much more.
The point is, if good food is at the center of your much deserved celebration, then we're here for you! Stocking up is a great way to make use of your Owner Appreciation Days discount.
Finally, as you've likely noted if you've been in this past week, our retail area is being transformed right now. We're grateful for all your flexibility and generosity! We know this can be inconvenient at times, and you all are nothing but gracious and enthusiastic. Thank you!!
Have a wonderful New Year, and we'll see your smile in the aisles in 2018,