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High time for pie! ✨

Hello Team PFC,

First of all, as we wrap up this month's Owner Appreciation Days, I just want to reflect out how great it is to see all your faces during this first weekend every month. We get so excited to get the store brimming with fresh, delicious, local and organic foods. The more you shop at PFC, the happier our team gets as we keep the store looking, feeling, and smelling great (thanks Deli Team!). 

We have already taken many of your reservations for turkeys from Old Home Place. Henry Graber and his family in Lagrange are taking good care of the birds, right now on pasture. Let us know if you have any questions, and let us know when you're ready to reserve one for the Big Meal!

Our Deli Team (three cheers for that deli team!), is planning to do PFC Deli Pies again this holiday season. Here's this year's menu:

  • Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Bourbon Pecan Pie
  • Apple Crumb Pie

Many of these options will be available wheat-free and/or vegan, so please ask, and we'll be using local and organic pumpkin and apples as available. That's the PFC way! Make your holiday extra special by bringing a pie made by YOUR co-op. Orders are due November 16. 

Thanks everyone! See you soon!


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November Change for Change: Bread & Roses Child Care Center

November's Change for Change supports Bread & Roses Child Care Center. When you round up your purchase at PFC throughout the month of November, your change goes toward Bread and Roses' scholarship program. Each year Bread and Roses offers scholarships to children who, without that help, would not be able to share the unique preschool experiences Bread and Roses offers. 

Bread and Roses' mission is to provide families, regardless of size, income, or structure, a quality childcare experience where the uniqueness of every child is valued, along with the creative experience, the joys of childhood, the learning process and the nurturance of positive self-esteem.

Bread and Roses serves a diverse student population. At every snack and meal, which is prepared onsite, there is access to fresh food, fruits, and vegetables. They actually provide more fresh produce than the guidelines require. These fresh, healthy meals are provided at NO additional cost.

Bread and Roses participates in service projects locally and extends their reach to Africa. They do a crop walk annually, multiple canned food drives throughout the year, participate in PeaceJam, and supported the education of a Syrian refugee last year. For their sister school in Africa, Bread and Roses organizes a charity project and donates school supplies to them.

For more information about Bread and Roses, visit their website


It's Turkey Time! ⏰🍴

Hello PFC community!

What's fresh at PFC? Well, let me tell you....


Starting Wednesday, October 30, PFC is now taking orders for the bestest, freshest ever Thanksgiving Turkeys. Henry Graber, Amish farmer of Old Home Place raises birds just for us. They've been on pasture for a couple months now. He's supplementing with grain he grows himself in Lagrange, IN. PFC and Old Home Place have been partnering on Thanksgiving Turkeys for nearly 15 years. 

Here's the deal:
You can special order a turkey, request your ideal poundage, and put down $20, and several days before the BIG DAY, we'll have a bird as close to your ideal as possible.

Come on in, place your order for a turkey, and pick all your autumnal favorites: cranberries, canned cranberry relish, sweet potato and pumpkin pie puree, winter squash galore from Cinzori, lots of hearty greens, TONS of apples, and even some early stuffing mix if you want to make a test run.

See you soon!


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