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Enews Coupon - July 18 - 24


New Partnerships at PFC!

Hello PFC Peeps,

We are part of an organization that knows the value of working together, in community, to make great stuff happen. The latest partnerships that PFC is part of are helping us to put together amazing cooking classes twice a month! Our current cooking class partners are Chef Paul Vugtveen of Open Vegan Eats convening vegan cooking classes every first Tuesday of the month, and the Fresh Food Fairies at Fresh Food Is Fun putting on classes on a variety of topics every second Tuesday. Here is a bit more about each of our partners:

OPEN Vegan Eats works to create food and foodspaces that are open and welcoming, offering a wide range of food-related services. Providing cooking classes is a great way to engage directly with our community. Creating an atmosphere that is steeped in learning and relationships is our way of fostering an entry point for people into the conversion about food and food justice. In collaborating with PFC, we find that our many shared values are our strengths. From our love for fresh, local food to our longing for equity and access, our partnership brings us each closer to reaching our individual and shared goals.

PFC exists to create access for all to food that is healthy for people, land and the economy. Similarly, we at Fresh Food is Fun do our best to make eating fresh food feel fun and easy to prepare. We believe that “cooking together’--and learning from each other--makes participants feel more comfortable and eager to experiment. Sharing our love of fresh food with others is what feeds our souls. PFC has been a long-time supporter of Fresh Food Fairy (now Fresh Food is Fun) and we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with PFC in it’s food education initiative. We look forward to the opportunity to connect more with the PFC community around fresh, healthy food.   

Consider attending, or gifting attendance to a friend or loved one. This is great stuff! And only $20 per person, kids under twelve free with a paying parent!

Our next class is Advanced Vegan Cheese, where you will learn how to make quick and simple vegan cheeses with complex flavors Chef Paul Vugteveen!  Click here to see a full list of our upcoming classes!

Finally, here are a couple things to look out for in the aisles at the store when next you're in...

  • Local, organic Mitchell's Blueberries - oh yeah!!
  • 34 local items in the produce department alone
  • NEW: Lily's sugar-free chocolate bars - as an avid lover of chocolate and one who's been sugar-free for nearly 3 years, these babies are life savers! Not sugar free? Jus try the "carmelized and salted" milk chocolate bar, and you won't care what's in or not in there!
  • Tons of other new stuff working its way into our shelves and coolers.

Enjoy! See you soon!


Enews Coupon July 11-17