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We're Grateful for You

Greetings PFC family,

It is a time for gratitude. As we head into Thursday, and all PFC staff takes a day away from work to be with friends and family, we want you to know how much we appreciate your commitment to making Kalamazoo a better place by choosing PFC. This is work we could not do without you, and every dollar you spend at PFC is fuel for good things to keep blooming and blossoming out of this store and the markets we manage.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with gratitude and love.

And once you wake up from your food coma, we'll be here for you with these fun events:

  • Black Friday - open regular hours, a calm amidst the storm.
  • Small Business Saturday - a great day to kick off your gift shopping with demos and samples from Kalamazoo Herbals, DoughChicks, and Milk & Quackers. Lots of local, fairtrade treats to be found at PFC! Looking to gift a fun, interactive, educational experience? Purchase a cooking class voucher.
  • Cider Monday - enjoy Free Apple Cider Samples 10am to 3pm, and get some face-time with your neighbors and your friendly Co-op staff on Cyber Monday

Thank you for supporting PFC!



Your Local Thanksgiving Shopping List

Hello PFC Peeps!

As Thanksgiving Day draws near, we want you to know that PFC has you covered. Every time you shop at PFC you do such amazing work in our community, from supporting local farms and farmers at the store and markets, to investing in the social and environmental movements that change our world in a positive way. Thank you!

To make shopping for the holiday easier for you, here is a pre-made shopping list that highlights some of the best of the best that the Kalamazoo terroir has to offer:



▢  Local Turkey - still time to pre-order a fresh or frozen, locally raised bird, and check the store next week for birds in the freezer if you're still in need.
▢  Tofurky arrives this Friday - We'll have an array of vegan centerpieces, all at great prices!

Sides: ALL THE LOCAL OPTIONS from some of Kalamazoo area's best growers:

▢  Brussels sprouts! Cranberries! Walnuts in the Shell!
▢  Local Russet potatoes from Crisp Country Acres, $3.49 for 5 lbs.
▢ turnips, organic onions, carrots, organic greens, organic squash of all types and so much more!
▢  And don't miss the local and organic apple selection from Molter's and Schultz. So good!

The Wine

▢  Nearly All La Riojana Wines On Sale for $5.99!
▢  Local wines from Lawton Ridge and Tempo Vino always make a table special.


▢  Pie. Yep. That's all you really need, right? Well, we've got you covered:

  • PFC Deli Bakery is making Bourbon Pecan, Apple Crumb and Pumpkin (GF and Vegan available) Pies, all featuring LOCAL ingredients. You still have time to special order! More info here.
  • We also have other flavor options from Willamette Valley Pie Co, including pecan, cherry and marionberry, only $8.99! 

Just for you

We know this season can run you ragged, so consider adding one or two of these items just to take care of you:
▢  Digestive enzymes or bitters might come in handy
▢  Bubble bath - aaaahhhhh...
▢  CBD - if things are just a skosh* too stressful....

Obviously, PFC has tons more amazing stuff to make your holiday great, and you'll feel great knowing that you're supporting such good work. 

Have a wonderful week and I'll look forward to seeing your smile in the aisles!

* It turns out that "skosh" is short for the Japanese word 'sukoshi' meaning a little bit. This word came back to the US after WWII. 



Voting & Having Conversations That Matter

Hi everyone,

Happy voting day. I trust you have all voted.

Discourse in the US and our community right now is so challenging. We have been confronted with name-calling and insinuation-filled discourse everywhere we turn. It's hard, and it's disheartening. 

Everyday at PFC we show up ready to engage in our work to create access to good food for all. For us that means doing the work in a way that celebrates good efforts and challenges us all to make areas rife with injustice better. 

I sometimes get this comment: "Why should a grocery store and farmers markets be working on racism?" The easy answer, in a sense, is that our mission calls for it, "access for all." And we know that racism, sexism, gender identity oppression, and other ways we marginalize people and strip them of power, impede access to education, employment, wealth accumulation and healthcare, and they impede access to good food. The work PFC does in the community to create places filled with locally grown, love-filled, clean, fresh food, would be wasted if we didn't strive to make these places more and more open and inclusive of all the amazing people that Kalamazoo has within it.

As a straight, white male, I can often be blind to the impacts of racism, sexism, and many other oppressions are invisible. I try to challenge this privileged perspective every day, challenging my fragility in conversations about race, challenge myself to listen better - not to argue that people are misunderstanding intentions - but to really hear that people of color, women, LGBTQQIA+ folks, and many others are suffering disproportionately, in different ways, due to their identities. This cannot stand. And we must continue to find our humanity, and that of those who we disagree with, so we can have a conversation that matters. Civility matters, even in the face of understandable rage and fear. We are still living beings, striving to be together on this planet.

So, on this evening, as we wait to see how the the will of our community has shaped public service and ultimately public discourse through our choice in servants, I feel called to step further into the discomfort of this work, not away from it. I hope you will join me. We are so much stronger together, seeing past our differences. Engaging in real talk in respectful, inclusive ways is one tool we have in each of our control to make it a better world.

I hope you'll join me in stepping up and in, trying to do better every day, and being open to learning and growing through every interaction.

Thanks for listening. I wish you the best and hope to see you at the co-op very soon or at one of the final markets of the year.