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2018-19 PFC Wellness Class Schedule

Wellness Classes are now available at PFC! This new set of classes aims to teach you fun & healthy wellness recipes, help you become more knowledgeable about the benefits of different ingredients, and try new things!

$25 per person, with a child aged 12-17 free with adult purchase.

Register for a Wellness Class in-person with a friendly PFC cashier at 507 Harrison, Kalamazoo.


Dec 16th 3:30-5pm Vitamin Gummies with Angie Fox

Angie Fox from Kalamazoo Herbals will be at PFC teaching us how to create our own Vitamin Gummies. Join us in this fun, new class to grow comfortable with making gummies, learn more about their benefits, and explore 3 Vitamin Gummies recipes. We will make and take a sample of each recipe--Herbal Gummies, Vegan Vitamin C Gummies, and Elderberry Gummies. Find the event on Facebook here.


*Classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

*Cooking Class Vouchers are not eligible for Wellness Classes.