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New logo, new name, same Co-op!

You may have heard the rumors, and they're true: we have updated our name and logo!

Starting very soon you will see items containing this new identity:

We've had our asparagus oval logo for over ten years, and much has changed at the Co-op since we launched that logo: We've started to facilitate Grow It Yourself Day and the 100-Mile Market, we've expanded and moved our store to Harrison Street, we've started managing the Kalamazoo Farmers Market, we've implemented Co+op Basics, and now added the Portage Market. So much has changed! We agreed that it was also time to update our image. 

To do that, we've worked with our designer, Brakeman Design (with former Co-op Front End Manager Simon on their team), and engaged our board, staff, and management team over the past six months, gathering feedback and refining our vision. We're really excited about the result, and hope you are too!

A big change you've likely noticed right away is the fact that we're changing our name to PFCWe all have a ton of personal investment in the co-op, the PFC -- we are a group of thousands of owners, shoppers, staff, board members, and volunteers. Over the decades, we've all developed nicknames for the store, and one of the most popular and persistent has been "PFC." We've noticed that many of us call the Co-op "PFC" most of the time. 

Changing our name to PFC is a conscious move to retain the name that's in everyday use. It's also a conscious move to remove the word co-op from the everyday name. Why? Consistently, it's been a point of confusion and alienation: do I have to be a member to shop there? Just yesterday, we heard from another person who was surprised that anyone could shop in our store. We think that PFC is an elegant solution to keeping our history and identity, while dropping some of the confusion.

Additionally, the increasing options in Kalamazoo for natural foods leave us wanting to differentiate ourselves. We feel like this new, simplified identity crystalizes what makes us different - locally grown and community owned, using our recognizable asparagus and a fresh and simplified name. This new "evolved" identity is a great way to put a graphic face on all our efforts. The asparagus block element is simpler, more iconic, purely visual, and recognizable without reading, which will work well in the digital and social media platforms that we spend so much time communicating on these days.

Finally, the signage and other ways you'll see the new logo and name will also allow us to include our grocery store AND our many farmers markets all under one banner.

One thing hasn't changed - we are still and always will be a co-op! And we'll always relentlessly pursue our Ends to create access for all to food that is healthy for people, land, and the economy. We believe that our new name and logo will help to reduce barriers for new shoppers, and retain our long history as Kalamazoo's only community-owned grocer.

Please take time to consider this evolution in your Co-op's identity, and share your thoughts and opinions with us. Send feedback to Media & Communications Coordinator Chris Moore and General Manager Chris Dilley.