Our Story

Economic pressures and popular movements in the late sixties and early seventies led to the creation of a great many food co-ops across Michigan and the country.

 PFC Building Exterior from Street in 1970s


Confronted with few choices for unprocessed, whole foods, people decided to band together and buy in bulk directly from producers and distributors.What has evolved from this over the past forty-plus years is a thriving natural foods industry, with the co-ops at the core.


Historical Image of People Standing in Front of Store
We were incorporated in 1973 and housed the store in several different locations over the years (including 37 years on Burdick St).


Arial Photo of Parking Lot in Downtown Kalamazoo


We then moved into our current home at 507 Harrison St in June 2011. Though we encourage ownership, anyone may shop at PFC. We welcome you to be part of your community’s Food Co-op.


Exterior of New Building from Parking Lot

PFC Natural Grocery & Deli is a consumer-owned cooperative grocery store, & Farmers Markets bringing a full array of natural products and healthful foods to the community at reasonable prices. Learn all about us, our history, and our governance.

About Us



PFC Markets


PFC exists to create access for all to food that is healthy for people, land, and the economy.  This statement is known as our “Global Ends” and helps to direct every decision we make. As such, we are more than your average grocer!

Here are a few things that make the Co-op different:

  • We strive to provide fresh, organic, and whole foods, offering our community healthy choices for a variety of dietary needs.
  • We purchase locally grown and produced goods, helping to keep local funds cycling back into our economy.
  • We participate in and support our local farmers markets, including operation of the Kalamazoo Farmers Market.  
  • We help provide access to food assistance programs (SNAP benefits) both at the store and at several local farmers’ markets. Everyone should be able to eat healthy, delicious, and local food.
  • We provide educational opportunities for our community related to food and food systems (such as cooking classes, tabling, speaking engagements, hosting events at the store and in the community).
  • We identify as an Anti-Racist, Anti-Oppressive cooperative, actively working to dismantle systemic racism and other oppressions in our organization, partnerships and community, in part through the implementation of an Anti-Racism Transformation Team.
  • We work together with other organizations. As we are able, we provide sponsorships and donations to organizations and events that support our global ends, making our community a better place.


The Team

It takes a lot of great people to keep PFC going!

Retail Staff

  • Jason Blake-Beach, retail manager (buyer@pfckalamazoo.coop)
  • Cid Abelassistant retail manager (produce@pfckalamazoo.coop)
  • Aimee Cook, produce buyer
  • Nia Evanswellness buyer (wellness@pfckalamazoo.coop)
  • Brian Paez, storekeeper
  • Cheryl Bertschinger, storekeeper
  • Jon West, storekeeper
  • Liz Hinz, storekeeper
  • Max Hospadaruk, storekeeper
  • Michelle Brenes, storekeeper
  • Stephanie Watkins, storekeeper
  • Vidhay Reddy, storekeeper

Deli Staff

  • JaRay Reese, deli manager (deli@pfckalamazoo.coop)
  • Andrew Nassaneyassistant deli manager
  • Natasha Blake-Beach, head of bakery (bakery@pfckalamazoo.coop)
  • Liz Huggettdeli cook
  • Isaac Lowery, deli cook
  • Mento Mathews, deli cook

Farmers Market Staff

Administrative Staff

Board Members

Our Board is made up of volunteer directors. Please see our Board of Directors page for a list of the current board members, as well as related information such as board meeting summaries, meeting minutes, and upcoming elections. 


As a community-owned grocery, we have made a conscious choice to involve our community in a great many ways, including encouraging volunteerism. At PFC we depend on people like yourself to help make the organization stronger through volunteering both in the store and at special events. PFC is incredibly grateful to all of you who lend a hand to keep our store running. Interested in being a volunteer? Why not help out?


Front End Staff
Simon Borst, lead cashier
Chelsea Emery, cashier
Amber Hejl, Front-end manager
Nikki Horner, cashier
Anna Kazmarski, cashier
Jacob Pinney-Johnson, cashier
Liz Quemada, cashier
Grocery Staff and Buyers
Syd Abel, grocery assistant
Dave Grant, grocery lead
Nicole Hall, meat, cheese, & olive buyer
Jamie Hardy, bulk and bakery buyer
Lee Hauser, grocery assistant
Abbie Miller, wellness buyer
Ken Quayle, grocery and merchandising manager
Jake Strohauer, grocery assistant
Deli Staff
Eana Agopian, deli assistant
Randall Davis, deli manager
Azeezah Ford, deli assistant
A.J. Householder, deli assistant
Marcus Hughes, deli assistant
Derek Jackson, deli assistant
Kama Tai Mitchell, deli lead
Tyler Selph, deli assistant
Produce Staff
Michelle Brenes, produce assistant
Rosie Florian, produce manager
Jace Raver, produce assistant
Drew Tyner, produce assistant
Administrative Staff
Chris Broadbent, farmers' market coordinator
Heather Crull, outreach and volunteer coordinator
Chris Dilley, general manager
Kristi Montgomery, bookkeeping assistant