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Healthy For People

We work hard to provide you with a wide selection of nutritious, wholesome foods that are free of chemicals, preservatives, and additives.

Healthy For Land

We try to lessen our impact on future generations by recycling, composting, and using energy wisely in the store. We also support organic farming and provide bulk options to help reduce packaging waste.

Healthy For Economy

We aim to purchase as many goods from local growers, processors and other businesses as possible. Last year, these efforts kept nearly $500,000 in our community!


PFC Cooking Classes

Find the 2019 Cooking Class Schedule here.

$20 per person. Kids 12-17 are free with an adult.

Preregister with a friendly PFC cashier today at 507 Harrison, Kalamazoo.

PFC Wellness Classes

Find the 2018-2019 Wellness Class Schedule here.




Kalamazoo Farmers Market opening day is Saturday, May 4!


Double Up Food Bucks on Spring Break from March 1 to May 31, 2019

Double Up Food Bucks Michigan grocery stores are on Spring Break from March 1 – May 31, 2019. During this time, you cannot earn more Double Up Food Bucks at grocery stores like PFC, but you can keep spending any Double Up Food Bucks you have already earned to date.

This pause only applies to grocery store locations in Michigan and does NOT affect farmers markets. For more information, please visit the Double Up Food Bucks website.

Change for Change

Each time you shop at PFC Natural Grocery & Deli, a friendly PFC cashier will ask if you'd like to donate to Change for Change. This rounds your bill to the nearest dollar, with all of the change donated goes directly to one organization in our community. Below are some of the organizations you've donated to through Change for Change.

2017 - $25,781 to Local Organizations

Thank YOU for Making a Change in Kalamazoo!

Is your organization interested in being a Change for Change recipient? Find more information here.

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PFC is working to create opportunities for local food businesses to thrive in the marketplace and have positive social impact.

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Deli Menu

Sunday, January 25, 2015

  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Meat Burritos 
  • Dry Rub Chicken (WF)
  • Roasted Veggies (V,WF)
  • Greens (WF)
  • Cornbread (VT,WF)
  • Candied Yam Soup (VT,WF)
  • Veggie & Rice Soup (V,WF)


Monday, April 22

Breakfast Burritos, Meat Burritos

LUNCH & DINNER: Vietnamese-Style Baked Chicken

SOUPS: Beef & Barley Soup, Three Bean Chili (V, WF)

Tuesday, April 23

Breakfast Burritos, Meat Burritos

LUNCH & DINNER: Mac & Cheese

SOUPS: Mulligatawny Soup with Chicken, White Bean & Kale Soup (Vg)

Wednesday, April 24

Breakfast Burritos, Meat Burritos

$5 ALL DAY DINNER DEAL: Hot Italian Sandwiches & Veggie Subs

SOUPS: Chicken Noodle Soup, Shchi Russian Cabbage (Vg, WF)

Thursday, April 25

Breakfast Burritos, Meat Burritos

LUNCH & DINNER: Taco Thursday (V & WF Options Available!)

SOUP: Clam Chowder, Divine Vegetable Soup (V, WF)

Friday, April 26

Breakfast Burritos, Meat Burritos

LUNCH & DINNER: Marinated Whitefish & Rice Pilaf

SOUPS: Chicken Noodle Soup, Shchi Russian Cabbage (Vg, WF)

Saturday, April 27

Breakfast Burritos, Meat Burritos

LUNCH & DINNER: Chef's Choice

SOUPS: Clam Chowder, Divine Vegetable Soup (V, WF)

Sunday, April 28

Breakfast Burritos, Meat Burritos



other entrees and sides as available 

Vg = Vegetarian, V = Vegan, WF = Wheat-Free

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